VIFF 2014: Japan's quirky Disconcerto packs it all in

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      Disconcerto (Japan)

      Omori Tatsushi's buddy comedy-drama follows two roommates: worrywart Tada, who runs a do-it-all service, and his freeloading pal Gyoten. When the rudderless pair is asked to take care of a young girl, who is actually Gyoten's biological daughter (he donated his sperm to a lesbian couple), for a few months, the friendship between the two men reaches a breaking point. Quirky humour keeps the sleepy comedy going, sometimes slipping into silliness, but sappiness creeps in once the girl arrives. A subplot sees the dysfunctional duo getting involved with yakuza who are trying to expose a fake organic farming scheme by a cult leader. But the story veers off into a strangely violent episode when some elderly activists highjack a bus. Like Tada's service, the film tries to do a little bit of everything: constantly doing lots of things but not really excelling at anything particular. That said, it's still a pleasantly amusing yarn that will please Japanophiles.

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