VIFF 2016: The Chinese Lives of Uli Sigg


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      File this one under “Required viewing for contemporary-art fans”. Here’s a definitive portrait not just of the soft-spoken collector who brought the likes of Ai Weiwei and Cao Fei to the world’s attention but of the birthing pains of post-Mao China.

      The film begins in the late ’70s, rich with rare archival footage of the isolated Communist state, when Sigg first heads there on behalf of the Schindler elevator company. His love affair with the culture ensues, and later, as an ambassador, he gets to know the underground art community, turning the Swiss Embassy into an unofficial museum. How important is he to these now huge world names in art? Their many portraits and sculptures of him are a testament. Amazing art shots, in-depth interviews, and ample political intrigue. 


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