VIFF 2016: Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping


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      As we learn from this eye-opening but ultimately unsatisfying doc, in 20 years there will be no Arctic ice left but the shipping industry will have tripled in size.

      Companies like Maersk—disaster capitalists of the highest water, so to speak—have built invisible empires from accelerated and stupidly inefficient global trade while outstripping air traffic with the incomprehensible environmental cost. And that’s ignoring the ultrasleazy business of developed-world corporations purchasing regulation-dodging flags of convenience from the likes of Liberia’s Charles Taylor, who used the profits to slaughter his own people. It’s deeply enraging stuff, but so is the film’s wimpy third-act attempt at investigating techno “solutions” that are, frankly, meaningless inside such a vast and basically untouchable criminal enterprise. 


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