VIFF 2016: Prison Dogs


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      Everyone loves a comeback story, and this moving documentary captures a multifaceted tale of second chances in life.

      One segment tells of prisoners who participate in a program to train puppies to help people with posttraumatic stress disorder. The second focuses on army veterans for whom these dogs are being trained. The third is about the dogs themselves. A fourth tale is about the passionate, tough-love Puppies Behind Bars founder, who maintains strict standards to help all the people and animals involved. There’s rich material here, full of highs and lows, as the convicts strive to teach their dogs about 100 commands in two to three years. Failure means the inmates must leave the program, but success means they must part with the dogs they’ve bonded with. Ultimately, the film offers a humanist look at people seeking something that escapes many of us: transformation.


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