VIFF 2016: Yohji Yamamoto | Dressmaker


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      The clothes are almost an afterthought in this in-depth portrait of the fashion designer as artist.

      For a man who says he hates to talk and prefers to use his clothes to express himself, Yohji Yamamoto spends much of this documentary explaining his unique views on life and how they inform his approach to work. His opinions—expressed in awkward English that makes for sagacious sound bites and fresh perspectives—are often surprising, revealing a stark contrast between his public persona and his inner world, his outward benevolence and his inward anger, or how he feels stronger after an unsuccessful show. Documentarian Ngo The Chau’s illumination of Yamamoto’s psyche, which points to even further uncharted depths, parallels the designer’s fashion philosophy: the inside of the clothes is as important as the outside.


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