Whistler Film Festival 2016: Lovesick


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      Lovesick has all the makings of your basic romantic-comedy: a bearded white male, a love interest who serendipitously lands in his life when he most needs her, and a town small enough to facilitate meaningful relationship development between the two via spontaneous encounter. (Whaddup, Winnipeg?) 

      Unfortunately, there’s nothing particularly romantic about Dash (Jacob Tierney), a 33-year-old artist pining over his newly engaged ex-girlfriend, Lauren (Jessica Paré), for the better part of a balmy Manitoba summer.

      Even Nora (Ali Tataryn), the film’s designated Manic Pixie Dream Girl, can’t save the guy, who eventually enlists the help of a psychotherapist for his issues.

      Still, there’s a charm about this unabashedly Canuck flick, which gets a boost from Jay Baruchel as Lauren’s smarmy and hilariously condescending fiancé. The gorgeous shots of the Prairie capital should have Winnipeggers hankering for home, too.

      Village 8 Cinemas Theatre 6, December 2 (7:30 p.m.); Village 8 Cinemas Theatre 7, December 4 (7:30 p.m.)