Vancouver Week in Widescreen: My American Cousin and our Italian Film Festival

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      MY AMERICAN COUSIN  Filmmaker Sandy Wilson will be on hand to present this perennial favourite when the Cinematheque kicks off its Canada on Screen series on Friday (January 6). The free, yearlong program continues with an all-ages screening of The Dog Who Stopped the War on January 15.

      L’ARGENT  The passing of a forged banknote is all it takes to set Robert Bresson’s final feature in motion, if motion is the right word to describe the work of this gnomic master. L’Argent gets four screenings at the Cinematheque starting Wednesday (January 4).

      THE SHOOTING  This cult western put the Two-Lane Blacktop team of director Monte Hellman and actor Warren Oates together for the first time. What, that’s not enough? Catch the first of three screenings at the Cinematheque on Saturday (January 7).

      2017 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS  Head to the Rio Theatre on Sunday (January 8) for a free live broadcast of the other, funnier Oscars. Hometown boy Ryan Reynolds is up for a best-performance award for Deadpool, and he’s counting on your support, probably.

      THEATER OF LIFE  Peter Svatek’s documentary captures an extraordinary event, when world-renowned chef Massimo Bottura used the Milan Expo 2015 to create a soup kitchen for the city’s indigent population using only “waste” from the Expo cafeterias. At the Vancity Theatre on Monday (January 9), chefs from our own Royal Dinette, the Acorn, and the Arbor will do something similar for patrons of the Italian Film Festival, whipping up gourmet eats from surplus food stock. Dinner will be served after the screening.