Trump scarily steals from Batman psychopath Bane during his inauguration speech

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      Cribbing—actually make that outright stealing—from famous speeches has never been something to be ashamed of in the camp of Donald Trump.

      Remember when Melania Trump basically regurgitated one of Michelle Obama's speeches word for word before last November's presidential election. 

      So no one should be surprised that Trump stole from a famous orator during today's official presidential inauguration. 

      Who he stole from, however, is a tad frightening. Jesus Christ man, couldn't you have lifted something from Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, or Barack Obama?

      Instead, the president of the most powerful nation on earth chose to pay tribute to the psychopath who made it his mission to destroy Gotham City in The Dark Knight Rises.

      More than over, it looks like at some point in the next four years we're all going to die. Time to step up punkers

      And please Batman, if you're watching, we need you more than ever.