Vancouver ties NYC for best cities for filmmakers to live and work in

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      Vancouver has tied New York City in a list of the best big cities for filmmakers to live and work in.

      The list, published on January 20 by Movie Maker, ranks the top 15 North American cities for filmmaking in 2017.

      The publication cites the B.C. film tax credit as the main draw. B.C. production services tax credits are at 28 percent (with a possible additional 6 percent, depending on the region). There's also a 16 percent digital animation or visual effects credit.

      Another attractive element was the fact that our city offers easy access to talented crews due to "a tight-knit community of moviemakers (genre ones especially), and a huge slew of production and post facilities and local innovators".

      It also credited the city's "rich" film festival culture, with the likes of the long-running Vancouver, Whistler, Jewish, Queer, and Asian film festivals.

      Although it acknowledge our location in a rainforest, it also credited the climate for "a lot of lush, otherworldly spaces, like the gorgeously dense 1,001-acre Stanley Park".

      The city's food scene also got a mention, highlighting our seafood and Chinese cuisine in particular.

      But we're not just a pretty face—we're known as Hollywood North for a reason.

      With films like Deadpool, Juno, 50 Shades of Grey, Godzilla, Night at the Museum, X-Men: The Last Stand, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Man of Steel, Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol, Twilight: New Moon, Watchmen, Legends of the Fall, Robocop, Jumanji, The Neverending Story, and First Blood, Vancouver has had quite the extensive acting career in roles as other cities.

      That's in addition to all the TV productions, with a current concentration of superhero series such as The Flash, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Arrow, and more.

      Creative BC, which oversees promoting the development of B.C.'s creative industries, noted that Vancouver has multifaceted appeal for filmmakers, including diversity of locations, talent, facilities, educational programs, access to nature, amenities, and more.  

      "The City of Vancouver combines resources with 22 other municipalities, meaning that Metro Vancouver alone has over 2.5 million square feet of studio space," the agency stated in a news release. "It is uniquely positioned to support over 100 studios and 50 productions at any time and the collective labour force province-wide is 40,000 and growing."

      Meanwhile, New York City boasted approximately 300 productions shot in the city last year, contributing $9 billion to the city's economy.

      The city also launched NYC Film Green in October, a program to implement sustainability (energy conversation, waste reduction, and more) within the industry.

      Both were ahead of Hollywood itself, with Los Angeles coming in at number three with its 430 soundstages and studio facilities.

      The next Canadian city to make the list was Toronto, in at number seven, followed by Montreal at number 11.

      Last year, neither Vancouver nor any other Canadian cities made the list. In 2016, the top city was Atlanta, Georgia, followed by New York City.