DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2017

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      Along with its Spotlight on Troublemakers, the DOXA Documentary Film Festival returns this year with regular programs including French French, Rated Y for Youth, and the Justice Forum, while a special series called Trumped! Now What? takes a well-needed look at where we might want to go next down here on Planet Crazy.

      We’ll be offering our take on films from all these programs in the coming weeks, starting right here and now.

      The DOXA Documentary Film Festival runs at various venues from next Thursday (May 4) to May 14. See the full program schedule for all 2017's DOXA Documentary Film Festival showtimes.

      Movie Notes

      DOXA 2017 wants to rumble

      The annual Documentary Film Festival puts up its dukes with a range of topics including porn, aboriginal rights, body-shaming, and Trump, Trump, Trump.