DOXA Documentary Film Festival 2018

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      Beginning on Thursday (May 3) with The Rankin File: Legacy of a Radical—a movie that ponders the Vancouver that might have been if we hadn’t handed our city to the developers—there isn’t too much on this year’s DOXA calendar that doesn’t take a dissident view of its subject, whether it’s art, society, health, wealth, sex, race, war, current events, past events, future events, or the vital matter of restoring the real history behind Linda Blair’s Roller Boogie.

      Think of it as the best de-conditioning program going.

      Read on for our take on some of the most notable titles screening over the next 11 days, and remember to keep coming back for even more reviews, news, and features.

      The DOXA Documentary Film Festival runs at various venues from Thursday (May 3) to May 13. See the full program schedule for all 2018's DOXA Documentary Film Festival showtimes.