DOXA 2017 review: Complicit


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      Consumers of outsourced goods—that is to say, the majority of First-World peeps—are likely aware of the poor working conditions prevalent in manufacturing plants overseas. But Heather White and Lynn Zhang’s heartbreaking doc will elicit serious pause the next time viewers pick up a Chinese-made smartphone.

      Following the lives of manufacturing employees—many of them teens—and the tireless efforts of labour activists such as Yi Yeting, who began advocating for the rights of workers after developing occupational leukemia at age 24, Complicit reveals the inhumane ways in which hopeful, hardworking citizens are exposed to toxic chemicals on the job and the shady attempts by multi-billion-dollar corporations to shed all responsibility.

      The result is equal parts devastating, gut-wrenching, and infuriating—a necessary call for westerners to re-evaluate their relationship with capitalism and its astronomical cost.