DOXA 2017 review: Waking the Sleeping Giant


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      Young Turk Cenk Uygur offers one of the more acute comments in this U.S. election postmortem when he says the Democrats handed the presidency to Trump “with their arrogance”.

      An examination of the fractured state of American resistance, Giant seriously rouses when it looks at Black Lives Matter or the story of West Virginian Sabrina Shrader, moved to run for state representative from the losing side of the class divide by the Bernie Sanders campaign, also documented here from its earliest days. And it frustrates with the indication that America’s mainstream left (such as it is) still doesn’t perceive itself inside a political superstructure that needs to be much more honestly eviscerated before it’s overhauled.

      A Democracy Spring activist mentions voter suppression, more plainly called fraud, in the moments prior to Sanders’s defeat in the primaries. If only Sanders or any of the more well-known progressive talking heads here had done the same.