DOXA 2017 review: Island Earth


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      Agribusiness takes a well-deserved hit in Cyrus Sutton’s doc, cannily focused on the Hawaiian Islands, where ludicrously, 90 percent of the food is shipped in while prodigiously fertile land, which filled everyone’s belly for millennia, is blighted by monoculture or the ongoing use of restricted pesticides. (The no-shit-Sherlock result: an entire village is diagnosed with cancer.)

      A short history of GMOs reveals what we already know, or should: science and capitalism need to be separated, pronto, and then one half of that equation euthanized. The solution is permaculture and massively scaled-down economies, in this case embodied by a bright and conscientious pro surfer and father of three who runs for mayor of Kauai against an incumbent fully in the pocket of the global food corps. How do you think that turns out?