Vancouver to lose Timeless but will gain X-Files, Six, and several new TV series

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      While much media attention has focused on California luring screen productions back to the state with its ramped-up tax incentives, Vancouver has also gained a number of productions.

      The sci-fi TV series Timeless is the latest TV series to relocate from Vancouver to California.

      Timeless had been cancelled earlier this year but received a surprise renewal for a second season when NBC reversed its decision. The series follows a time-travelling trio (played by Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, and Matt Lanter) who are pursuing a thief (Goran Višnjic) who stole a time machine with the intent to change U.S. history. The production will employ approximately 250 cast members, 220 crew, and 3,000 extras.


      Other TV series that made similar relocations from Vancouver due to California's tax incentives have been Lucifer, Legion, and Mistresses.

      However, a new production that Vancouver has gained is a gritty military drama TV series. Six shot its first season in North Carolina. However, it will be shooting its second season here in Vancouver from July 17 to November 23.

      The series follows a U.S. Armed Forces' anti-terrorism unit, known as SEAL Team Six, as they struggle to free their leader from an extremist group.

      The cast includes Barry Sloane, Kyle Schmid, Juan Pablo Raba, Brianne Davis, Nadine Velazquez, Edwin Hodge, Dominic Adams, and Walton Goggins.


      Another series moving here for its second season is The Exorcist, which shot its first season in Chicago. The psychological thriller series stars Alfonso Herrera, Ben Daniels, and Geena Davis. As a continuation of the 1973 film of the same name and part of the Exorcist franchise, it will start filming here on July 24 and continue until November 14. 

      Previously, Supergirl also moved from L.A. to Vancouver to shoot its second season, starting in 2016, and will be shooting its third season here starting tomorrow (July 6).

      The X-Files, which relocated for its sixth season from Vancouver to L.A. in 1988 during its original run, shot its 2016 revival here in Vancouver. The paranormal investigation drama is now scheduled to shoot Season 11 in Vancouver from August 8 to December 21.

      What's more, California's tax incentives haven't stopped new series from shooting their debut seasons here in Hollywood North.

      Over the next few months, there are several series that are or will be shooting their first season in Vancouver, including (some titles may be working titles) Ghost Wars, Hit the Road, Siren, The Crossing, The Good Doctor, and The Green Beret's Guide to the Apocalypse.

      The pilot for the TV adaptation of Bong Joon-ho's sci-fi feature Snowpiercer will also be shooting in Vancouver from August 28 to September 29.

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