Deadpool 2 investigation reveals initial findings about stunt driver's fatal accident

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      British Columbia's workplace safety agency WorkSafeBC released an initial report from their investigation into the on-set death of a Deadpool 2 stunt driver.

      Joi "SJ" Harris, a 40-year-old motorcyclist from New York City, had been performing a motorcycle stunt on August 14 around 8 a.m. near Jack Poole Plaza in downtown Vancouver.

      According to the redacted inspection report (conducted on August 14 and delivered on August 15), the stunt required her to drive a Ducati 939 Hyperstrada motorcycle through the open doors of a building, across a concrete pad, and down a ramp that was built over three stairs, coming to a stop on the stair landing.

      "During the first shooting of the scene the stunt driver continued driving beyond the planned stopping point on the stairway landing, and continued to drive down a second ramp built over the bottom stairs and across the roadway," the report states. "The motorcycle struck the concrete sidewalk curb, the worker was thrown off the motorcycle and propelled through a plate glass window of a building."

      WorkSafeBC is continuing to investigate. The organization asked the local production company, TCF Vancouver Productions, to conduct a preliminary investigation, which was due on August 16, in addition to a full investigation, which is due one month from the incident and must identify the cause or causes of the incident, any unsafe conditions contributing to the accident, and what measures will be taken to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

      Joi "SJ" Harris

      Although Harris was an experienced motorcycle rider, this was her first time performing a stunt for film. She was doubling for the character of Domino, portrayed by Zazie Beetz, and was not wearing a helmet at the time as the character was not wearing one.

      Stuntperson Emerson Wong, who had performed stunts for Deadpool 2, told ET Canada that the original stunt performer was unavailable so Harris was brought in as a replacement days before the accident.

      In the wake of the fatal accident, stunt industry professionals questioned whether or not Harris was qualified enough to execute the stunt.

      Production on the film was suspended after the accident, but resumed two days later under the Granville Bridge on August 16.

      Cast members Beetz and Ryan Reynolds, director David Leitch, Creative BC and the Motion Picture Production Association, and 20th Century Fox have all expressed their condolences.  

      The film is scheduled for released on June 1.

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