Riverdale's K.J. Apa crashes car after 16-hour workday in Metro Vancouver

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      Riverdale star K.J. Apa has been reported as being in a car crash but escaped serious harm.

      The 20-year-old New Zealand actor, who plays Archie in the locally shot TV adaptation of Archie Comics, fell asleep at the wheel during a drive home after midnight at the end of a 16-hour workday, according to reports. The time and date have been unconfirmed.

      His vehicle reportedly hit a lightpost, which damaged the passenger side and rendered it inoperable. He was reportedly taken to hospital and was later discharged without any serious injuries.

      Production on the show has continued uninterrupted. The filming of Season 2 of the show began in the Lower Mainland on June 22 and will continue until March 21.

      Earlier this week on September 19, Apa and costar Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead, surprised and delighted fans when they stepped out to greet them in Langley. In July, Sprouse was involved in a confrontation with a street busker during the filming of the show.

      The accident occurs not long after professional motorcyclist Joi S.J. Harris died in a crash while filming a stunt on Deadpool 2 on August 14 also here in Vancouver.

      Prior to that, 33-year-old stuntman John Bernecker died on the set of The Walking Dead after he fell off a balcony during rehearsal in Senoia, Georgia, on July 12.

      This latest series of accidents have raised concerns about the safety standards and working conditions within screen industries.


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