Castle in the Ground crafts an intense, intimate portrait of addiction

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      Starring Alex Wolff and Imogen Poots. Now available on video on demand platforms, including iTunes and Google Play

      After his intimate, devastating drama The Other Half, writer-director Joey Klein delivers a very different study of codependency about a young man (Alex Wolff) who falls into the orbit of a troubled neighbour (Imogen Poots) in Sudbury, 2012.

      She’s an opioid addict; he’s about to be.

      The film filters a conventional addiction narrative through layers of grief, attachment, and atonement, and Klein--an actor himself--lets his cast play those notes fully.

      Wolff creates a minor-key variation on his lost-soul quality from Hereditary, Poots mixes restlessness and rage as his damaged mentor, and Tom Cullen and Neve Campbell make brief, quietly heartbreaking appearances as people dealing privately with profound pain. You’ll feel for all of them.

      One small caution: a lot of this movie takes place in small, suffocating apartments where people are effectively isolated with themselves or each other. Given our current circumstances, rewatching it now was a considerably more intense experience than expected.