Crazy8s Film Society announces Top 6 short film finalists

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      The Crazy8s Film Society has announced the final six films that will go on to be produced in just eight days beginning this February 25.

      The finalists are cowriter-director Stephanie Izsak's comedic horror "Consumer", writer-director Shakil Jessa's romance "Imran and Alykhan", writer-director Kenny Welsh's horror-fantasy "The Faraway Place", writer-director Alireza Kazemipour's drama "The Gold Teeth", cowriter-director Derek MacDonald's dramatic thriller "Undeveloped", and writer-director Kay Shioma Metchie's black comedy "Weeds Are Flowers, Too".

      The films will premiere at the 23rd annual in-person Crazy8s Gala Screening & AfterParty slated for May 7 at the Centre and Science World.

      Below, you can see who was involved in each film, along with a synopsis.


      Director: Stephanie Izsak

      Writers: Stephanie Izsak and Toby Marks

      Producer: Kevin Keegan, Lori Watt, Nic Altobelli, Keara Barnes

      A thirteen year old girl consumed by toxic beauty standards, stumbles upon an unconventional and disturbing way to lose weight.


      Director/Writer: Shakil Jessa

      Producer: Sinéad Grewcock, Kora Vanderlip

      Associate Producer: Steph Townsend

      Two boys fall in love at a Muslim winter ski retreat, but have to keep their relationship a secret from those around them.


      Director/Writer: Kenny Welsh

      Producer: Po-Chun Chen

      A young woman and her father, both of whom have horns, as they evade a violent cult attempting to eradicate their kind.


      Director/Writer: Alireza Kazemipour

      Producer: Mattisse Weyler Hubert

      Sahra, an Afghan refugee girl in Canada, asks an Iranian dentist named Hamed to extract her father's gold teeth before they bury him.


      Director: Derek MacDonald

      Writers: Derek MacDonald & Tyler Twiss

      Producer: Tyler Twiss

      Paul, an embittered elderly veteran who owns and operates a photo lab, receives a mysterious package from an unknown source with images from his past that threaten his comfortable way of life, so he sets out to track down the person he believes is trying to blackmail him.


      Director/Writer: Kay Shioma Metchie

      Producer: Vivian Davidson-Casto, Valerie Lopez, Alyssa Kostello

      When a woman’s budding jealousy takes root, she’ll do anything to get her green thumbs.