Curb Your Enthusiasm fanatics may recognize Chutzpah! Festival performer Iris Bahr from The Ski Lift episode

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      When I first read that American actor-comedian Iris Bahr was performing as part of the upcoming Chutzpah! Festival, I wasn't sure that I'd seen her before.

      Upon closer inspection of her promotional photo, though, she started to look familiar.

      Then it all clicked, and I realized that she's the woman who jumped off the ski lift in Curb Your Enthusiasm because she couldn't stand being stuck beside Larry David!

      In case you haven't seen that episode yet, Bahr plays the daughter of an orthodox Jewish man who's the head of the kidney consortium, and Larry's buddy Richard Lewis is in bad need of a kidney transplant. Hoping to get his pal to the top of the transplant-recipient waiting list, Larry poses as an orthodox Jew and invites the kidney guy to a ski lodge for the weekend. 

      Larry and the kidney guy's daughter end up stranded on a ski lift, and she explains to him that, according to Jewish law, she can't be alone with a man after dark. She tells Larry he'll have to jump, but instead he offers her a bite of the edible underwear he finds in his pocket.

      It's classic Curb Your Enthusiasm, made especially so by Bahr's humourless portrayal of her stuck-up character.

      The actor will be taking a different approach to eliciting laughs when she dons her standup-comedy hat for a livestream performance at the Chutzpah! Fest on November 26 at 7 pm.

      To learn more about Iris Bahr's "interactive communal comedy/therapy experience", and to buy tickets, look here.