Dan Savage-curated Hump! Film Festival is about to, ahem, come... to Vancouver's Rio Theatre

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      Love sex-positive porn, and miss the days when the only way to see triple-XXX movies in a theatre was to head to the pre-gentrified Fox Cinema on Main Street, the Kitten Theatre on Granville, or hop across the border to the Seavue in exotic Blaine?

      Today brings good news for you on both counts as iconic Seattle sex columnist (and long-time Straight contributor) Dan Savage has announced the 18th annual HUMP! Film Festival is coming to the Rio Theatre from March 10-11. 

      For the uninitiated, Hump! features the screening of sex-positive shorts called for and curated by Savage, who’s also the man behind the Savage Lovecast and the It Gets Better Project.

      The indie-porn showcase spotlights amateurs who’ve always dreamed of being a porn star, but worry about everything from body image to the pressures of performing on a set with strangers for a paycheque.

      Films are submitted to Hump! for screening, after which the selection process starts. Those picked for the fest cover all shapes, colours, genders, sexualities, kinks, and fetishes for what’s billed as “a unique celebration of creative sexual expression.”

      “We received more submissions than ever this year, which made it extra difficult to choose our 2023 lineup,” Savage said in announcing the fest. “I can safely say this is one of our wildest HUMP!s yet!”

      Rio audiences will get the chance to vote for their favourites in categories that include Best Sex, Best Humour, Best Kink, and Best in Show.

      As a side note, is it wrong to want to, ahem, come just to see the Ronald McDonald clip in the trailer below? There are fetishes, and then there are fetishes too twisted for words. And speaking of words, mere words can't describe the greatness of the short's name: Ronald McBottoms for Some McDicken

      HUMP! Film Festival plays the Rio Theatre March 10-11, with 6:30 p.m. and 9:15 p.m. showings each night. Tickets are available here.