Dan Savage's HUMP! Film Festival begins at Rio Theatre featuring real people in their own real porn

These short erotic films reflect the diversity of sexual desires

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      Many Georgia Straight readers love Dan Savage's weekly advice column for a whole bunch of reasons.

      After all, he came up with the phrase GGG—"good, giving, and game"—which has actually been supported by scientific research.

      For those unfamiliar with GGG, it refers to sexual partners being game for anything, within reason, to please their partners.

      And who can forget Dan's promotion of the word santorum as "the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex".

      It was devastating for the career of a Republican senator, Rick Santorum, who hoped to ride his opposition to homosexual behaviour into the White House. Santorum was bounced out of the Senate in the 2006 election.

      Then there was Dan's "It Gets Better" campaign, which he cofounded with his husband, Terry Miller. It evolved into a global movement to provide hope and encouragement to LGBT+ young people.

      But on the side, Dan is also a part-time curator of amateur porn. He created the HUMP! Film Festival in 2005, which is a collection of short, erotic films created by real people showing off their fantasies.

      It's kind of crazy and definitely authentic. And from Thursday (October 14) to Saturday (October 16), it's being shown at the Rio Theatre in East Vancouver. (Tickets are available here.)

      "I have friends who work in mainstream porn—and I’m not shitting on mainstream porn when I say this—but the difference between HUMP! and mainstream porn is that these are friends and lovers doing what they enjoy," Dan told the Straight back in 2014 in advance of an earlier festival. "It’s very deeply personal and there’s a joy to it. You never get the sense watching a HUMP! film that somebody is either phoning it in or they’re there because they had no choice economically or whatever.

      "What you see in HUMP! is this marriage of humour and sex, which is true to how we actually experience sex.”