DOXA 2023: La Singla review

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      May 6, the Cinematheque, 12:45pm | May 10, VIFF Centre, 5pm

      Antonia Singla was once considered the best flamenco dancer in the world. Born deaf in the slums of Barcelona and unable to speak until she was a teenager, dance became the language through which she expressed herself. La Singla’s striking movements—and intense gaze—were seared with passion and revolutionized the art form. Then, suddenly, at the height of her fame, she vanished without a trace. Fifty years later, a young woman begins to unravel the mystery of what happened to La Singla. Combining archival footage and photography with music and interviews, this beautiful portrait from director Paloma Zapata explores the heartbreak and rage behind La Singla’s performance, while celebrating her incomparable legacy.

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