DOXA 2023: Not Quite That review

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      May 5, 5:45pm, VIFF Centre | May 13, 2pm, VIFF Centre

      Ali Grant’s meditation on breasts and butchness follows Sarah, a queer Jewish mother who discovers she’s at high risk for fatal breast or ovarian cancer. She opts for a preventative mastectomy, unsure how she feels about the decision. The intimate scenes of Sarah’s friends and family, frankly discussing their relationships to their bodies, anchor a layered and ultimately heartwarming narrative.

      “I either got to live and be like ‘here I am, it is what it is,’ or I gotta hide,” Sarah muses at one point. “I think I’m tired of [hiding].” Just as she explains that coming out brought her so much joy, her embrace of her post-surgery body also seems to set her free.

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