International Uranium Film Festival and Atomic Photographers Guild Exhibition to drop on Vancouver

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      It’s too bad Oppenheimer already had its big release—it would have been a shoo-in for the International Uranium Film Festival, which will be hosted in Vancouver next week. Set to kick off on April 8, the festival explores stories and ideas surrounding the nuclear fuel chain—like mining, nuclear waste, nuclear war, nuclear accidents, and social issues.

      The festival—now in its 14th year—has covered its fair share of ground in the past, having previously been hosted in Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, New Delhi, Montreal, New York, Washington DC, Santa Fe, and Los Angeles. Now that it will hit Vancouver, the fest is hosted by Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society, and will run in tandem with the Atomic Photographers Guild Exhibition.

      Films screened at the fest will explore the nuclear age, including Photography & Radiation by Vancouver photographer and filmmaker Jesse Andrewartha.

      Other films include Downwind, an exploration of a lesser-known nuclear testing site in Nevada, which was used to test 928 large-scale nuclear weapons from 1951 to 1992, and its surrounding areas; Mr. Hoppe and the Nuclear Waste, a German animation about what we do with nuclear waste; and The Sisters of Nagasaki, a story exploring the lives of a group of Catholic nuns from Canada who survived the bombing of Nagasaki while they were held prisoner by the Japanese. Get more information here.

      International Uranium Film Festival and Atomic Photographers Guild Exhibition

      April 8 to April 12

      Where: Cineworks Black Box Studio (1131 Howe Street, Vancouver, rear entrance)

      Admission: Free, but with limited seating, so arrive early