Netflix is gonna charge me two bucks more a month

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      I just got an email from Netflix.

      "Dear Stephen," it says.

      "The cost of your plan has changed. This change takes effect Monday, February 22nd, 2021."

      Imagine my shock and dismay when, upon reading further, I discovered that the cost of my plan was actually going up, rather than down.

      My "premium" Netflix plan will now be $18.99 per month, instead of the old $16.99.

      Anybody remember when Netflix was eight bucks a month?

      "We hope you're enjoying Netflix," continues the email, "and we're always adding new TV shows and movies to enjoy."

      I guess that part about them "always adding new shows" is supposed to justify the $2 cash grab. As if "adding new shows" was some breakthrough special feature the company just introduced.

      Netflix must really be hurting from the pandemic to boost its rates like that, eh?