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Cons break colts in The Mustang

The film's intensity comes from the ongoing tug of war between the lead character Roman—played by atthias Schoenaerts—and his inner beast.

Firecrackers fizzles

The movie was shot around Hamilton, Ontario, but the town itself isn’t shown and the handheld, claustrophobic close-ups provide little context.

The Sower in a world without men

The film is so beautifully lit, shot, and edited, many viewers could be satisfied to merely observe the day-to-day life of women, unencumbered by men or modern technology.


Long Weekend Troll

We may have to go to a one-confession-per-day-per-user policy soon if this keeps up.


You cut me off!

We literally bumped into each other on Denman St. After a much too fast mutual apology and a...

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