VIFF 2018: Carmen and Lola

Perhaps the most telling detail of Carmen and Lola, a competent, detailed portrait of adolescent awakening in the giant closet of a Spanish gitanos community, is how Lola and Carmen talk to each other.

VIFF 2018: At War

Ruthless in exposing the pathologies of corporate culture and the fatuousness of its defenders (and its victim-enablers), Stéphane Brizé’s red-blooded drama is structured as a series of conflicts that lead to that final showdown.

VIFF 2018: The Sisters Brothers

Jacques Audiard’s new western starts disorientingly in the dark, with a few shouts before you make out the orange burst of gunfire in the night.

VIFF 2018: Seder-Masochism

Covering millennia of religious wars, plus lots of plagues and pestilence, it also has the highest body count of any film in the festival.

VIFF 2018: One Cut of the Dead

To the delight of their bullying megalomaniac director, the cast and crew of a blood-soaked horror find themselves attacked by real zombies.