On Our Radar: The Wazzoooos sample the greatest Christmas song of all time for a Foodbank fundraiser

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      With all due respect to the classic works of Bing Crosby, Burl Ives, Sufjan Stevens, John Lennon, and the Parenthetical Girls (“Festive Friends [Forever]”!!!!), one song reigns above all others at Christmas time. And, sorry, it’s not that goddamn hideous Mariah Carey screech-fest “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

      No, the all-time best-in-show award goes to Run-D.M.C.’s immortal “Christmas in Hollis” (which, thanks to Beavis and Butthead, gets us thinking “What’s wrong with that elf” every time it comes up on random on the iPod).

      Because it not only namechecks Elf, but also heavily samples “Christmas in Hollis” (which, by the way, heavily samples “Back Door Santa” by Clarence Carter), “Santa Claus Is Coming (Wazzoooo Town)” deserves a major stamp of approval this Christmas. Double props for a double-entendre title that's subtle enough to go right over the heads of kids—or at least kids who don’t know that wazzoooo can be interchanged with such ace descriptors as cha-cha, snapper, baby-maker, and cooter. (This bit of information is important as the Vancouver-based Wazzoooo bills itself as making music that’s “written for kids...but produced for parents.”)

      Great as the “Christmas in Hollis” nod is in “Santa Claus Is Coming (Wazzoooo Town)”, the story gets better. 

      Consider this: all proceeds from the song (and by that we’re talking 100 percent) will go to the Vancouver Food Bank, with the goal being to raise $500 by Christmas.

      Listen below. And then buy here. After which, as you sit there feeling good about yourself, you can feel even better by scrolling down and checking out not only “Christmas in Hollis” but also “Back Door Santa” and “Festive Friends [Forever]” by Parenthetical Girls.

      You're welcome, and Merry Christmas.