Celebrate the holidays Vancouver style with the Georgia Straight's all-local Christmas playlist

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      If today's weather doesn't put you in that festive spirit, nothing will! Okay, okay. It probably made you late for work and turned your street into a postapocalyptic wasteland of slush, but still. Snowfall just makes it feel like Christmas.

      With that holiday feeling—and too much spiced rum—coursing through our veins, we have compiled a Spotify playlist featuring Vancouver artists (and also Bryan Adams, who arguably doesn't count) performing Christmas songs. With selections ranging from the sublime choral sounds of Christ Church Cathedral Choir ("Hodie Christus Natus Est") to the reverb-washed indie rock of Fine Times ("Subterranean Christmas Blues") there is something here for all tastes. Unless your tastes happen to begin and end with Norwegian black metal, in which case we can't help you, and you probably aren't particularly interested in Christmas music anyway.

      And for those of you who have no interest in Christmas (and those who love the holiday but hate the music), we have a playlist for you, too, in honour of current weather conditions. Still no Norwegian black metal, though. Sorry.