Ja Rule reignites age-old feud with 50 Cent; Fiddy responds with the ultimate diss

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      Sometimes the best way to fight is not to fight at all. If, for example, you're 50 Cent, you can pretty much just ignore all the haters. Because you're 50 Cent and, well, they're not.

      So it should be interesting to see how the man born Curtis Jackson responds to Ja Rule's recent attempt to reignite their long-standing beef, which dates back nearly two decades and has flared up a number of times over the years. Ja Rule has spent a large portion of today obsessively dissing Fiddy on Twitter, inexplicably referring to Jackson as "Ticklebooty" and, uh, various other things.

      It's hard to read Rule's tweets as anything other than the ravings of a man desperate to stay relevant. After all, the rapper's last album, Pain Is Love 2, has moved 3,200 units since its release six years ago. Forget about gold or platinum, that record went cardboard, which makes tweets like the following kind of hilarious:

      Ja Rule, who was last relevant about 15 years ago, might very well be sniping at 50 Cent in a bout of late-career nostalgia. He has announced that his next LP, Coup de Grâce—due out some time in 2018—will be his last.