Fresh and local: Storc entirely believable kicking it old school

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      There was a time when dudes with guitars and drums would gather in garages to bash out postpunk, posthardcore, post-everything-else raunch. Given the ages of its members, it’s a safe bet that Storc has firsthand memories of those days of yore. The Vancouver four-piece—featuring veterans of the Nasty On and Vicious Cycles—seems to possess a record collection that includes everything ever released on the SST and Amphetamine Reptile labels. Luke Meat’s David Yow–meets–Jello Biafra singing might just be the way the guy’s voice sounds, but based on the jagged-glass riffs of “Words Aren’t Smart” and “King of Face”, we’re guessing guitarist Allen Forrister put in some serious hours learning to play like Greg Ginn. Storc’s tracks never overstay their welcome, with many falling into the two-minutes-or-under category, which is about as long as any sane person needs a noise-rock song to be.