Bend Sinister goes beyond nods to the greats on The Other Way

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      Bend Sinister
      The Other Way (Cordova Bay)

      Bend Sinister has been many things over the years—jaunty rock ’n’ rollers, anthemic gut-bellowers, and sultry balladeers. The Other Way successfully takes all those elements and slots them together into one slick record.

      Describing the collection as “six songs of fun”, the band has hit the nail on the head. Opening the collection with a Queen-esque masterpiece, the group shows its aptitude for tongue-in-cheek pastiche without losing its own identity.

      “Get Along”, the second track, kicks the EP off proper. High-octane drumming and honky-tonk keyboard riffs jostle with a persistent bass line and stadium-filling chorus, before sliding into lead single “Walk the Other Way”—a track that sports an Imagine Dragons feel, but with infinitely more swag.

      “Rock and Roll”, on the other hand, returns to the band’s proclivity for pastiche. With a chorus featuring lyrics like “Rock ’n’ roll can’t be forgotten” and “We won’t lose our soul,” the self-referential track recalls classics like AC/DC’s “Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution” or the Stones’ “It’s Only Rock ’n Roll”—all elevated by singer Dan Moxon’s flawless vocals.

      It’s certainly ambitious to nod to the greats. But with its excellent musicianship and immaculate production, The Other Way is never derivative, and injects new life into elements that defined rock bands of the past.

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