Over five minutes that will make you cry, Drake shows how to spend a million dollars in his "God's Plan" video

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      There are a lot of ways to blow a shit-ton of money on music videos, especially when it comes to rappers, who are perhaps even more obsessed with blinged-out audaciousness than President Donald J. Trump.

      Should you need confirmation of this, look no further than 50 Cent’s (admittedly excellent) ode to excess “Window Shopper”. You might remember the clip where Curtis Jackson drives around Monte Carlo in a car that costs more than most of us make in a lifetime, dropping a year’s worth of wages of footwear. 

      50 Cent, Window Shopper

      And then there’s Drake, who has just proved himself the biggest saint that pop music has seen since Bob Geldof. The Canadian rapper and entrepreneur spent almost one million dollars on his new video for “God’s Plan”.

      (That’s probably roughly equivalent to the budget of Tupac’s Road Warrior–inspired “California Dreaming”. You know--the video where he's driving around in the desert in custom-made postapocalyptic cars, and then hanging out at a desert rave that was probably organized by Beyond Thunderdome-vintage Tina Turner.)

      2pac feat Dr.Dre, "California Love"

      What’s amazing is how Drake chose how to spend his money. Yes, he’s shown strutting around a clothing store they don’t let you enter without a double-platinum American Express card, but note he doesn’t get anywhere near a cash register.

      Instead Drake takes to the streets, armed with his cheque book and fat stacks of cash. Over the course of five crazily inspirational minutes, he hands money out to families and the needy, visits women's shelters, and hits run-down grocery stores where he tells shoppers that everything they can fit into their carts is on him.

      A girl receives a $50,000 scholarship cheque to university, a firehall gets a $20,000 boost. Three women who would never get past the security guard at Saks Fifth Avenue get a shopping spree.

      Try not to cry at the clip below, which starts with the words “The budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.”

      But because you’re going to, make sure the Kleenex is at hand.

      Drake, "God's Plan"