The saddest thing about Marilyn Manson's meltdown last night is that the former bogeyman has stopped caring

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      In all fairness, it can’t be easy being Marilyn Manson.

      Imagine living a life where, for about 15 minutes, you were America’s hottest new rock star, an undeniably monster talent with a flair for shock-value not seen since Alice Cooper. In the late ’90s the former Brian Warner was headlining hockey arenas and making the covers of all the music magazines that mattered. He was a crazily articulate all-purpose bogeyman, terrifying Christian conservatives, suburban parents, and pigs with allergies to black paint.

      Then came the fall, inexplicably starting with the actually pretty great Mechanical Animals. Somehow Warner went from smoking human bones with crack and ground-up TicTacs to an Onion punchline.

      And, sadly, he’s never come back. Instead of hockey  rinks he was reduced to playing soft-seaters, which would have been acceptable had he not wanted so desperately to be bigger than Satan.

      Just when it looked like the formerly self-billed God of Fuck couldn’t possibly fall any further, today comes news that his latest tour hit a new low.

      Professionals walk out on stage pretending that they still care, even if they’re playing to 100 people when they used to play for a 100,000. While this might be reading too much into things, it seems like Manson has finally hit the point where he no longer can pretend to give a shit.

      In a delicious bit of irony, Manson once again has the world talking, but for all the wrong reasons. The singer found himself on-stage in Huntington, New York last night, on tour for his roundly ignored latest album Heaven Upside Down.

      Said "performance" outraged fans the way it used to piss off, well, everyone but Manson’s disciples in the ’90s.

      Lowlights started with five dispirited songs peppered with by all accounts incoherent ramblings. And then, evidently upset that he wasn’t getting either the energy or adoration that he was expecting from the crowd, Manson simply dropped the mike and walked off stage never to return. 

      The saddest thing about the above clip? That would be that the guy can’t even throw a proper hissy fit—he just sort of ambles offstage with zero drama. (To save yourself dying of boredom, fast forward to the 10-minute mark.)

      Since then there’s been radio silence on his Twitter account, where, presumably, he might eventually offer some sort of explanation for what happened. 

      Oh, how far rock’s one time darkest angel has fallen.

      In the meantime, here’s how real rock stars behave on stage when they are pissed. You know things are bad when you are upstaged by Billy Joel.