Jay-Z proves to be a completely cheap bastard after blowing $80,000 during a single NYC drinking session

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      If an epic drinking session in New York yesterday proved anything, it’s that Jay-Z—for all of the countless millions of dollars he’s earned—is a completely cheap bastard.

      The multi-platinum rapper and entrepreneur stopped in for cocktails on February 19 at the Playroom in New York. His party consisted of six people, including Jay Z’s close friend and birthday boy Juan “OG” Perez, who also serves as the president of Roc Nation Sports.

      Forget Sailor Jerry and 5 Alive, Pabst Blue Ribbon, or Black Tower—the only thing that the revelers were interested in was Ace of Spades champagne. Jay-Z sprung for 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose ($2,500 per bottle) and 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Gold (a bargain $1,200 per bottle).

      Should one be curious how exactly six guys drink 40 bottles of champagne in one sitting, the rapper was evidently in a generous mood on at least one front, handing out Ace of Spades to random tables at the Playroom.

      But here’s where the cheapness comes in. It should be noted that Jay-Z actually owns Ace of Spades, meaning that he was—once the markup was taken care of—getting everyone, including himself, high off his own supply.

      Where he proved himself to be totally cheap bastard was when it came time to leave a tip.

      As detailed in a Snapchat post, the total bill for the night came to $80,035 after tax.

      Instead of the 20 percent most of us tend to leave for exemplary service, Jay-Z left a paltry 15 percent, which is to say the waiter, named Dayhana, only walked home with $11,100 instead of the $16,007 he or she was probably expecting.

      Evidently having all the money in the world doesn’t make one less of a tightwad.

      Sometimes you serve hip-hop royalty only to end up wondering what Drake (who gave away a million dollars in his new “God’s Plan” video) would have done. Hint: based on what we see below, he would have tipped more than a miserly 15 percent.