Fresh and local: Lief Hall

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      Roses for Ruins

      Roses for Ruins would make a good companion album for Kellarissa’s Ocean Electro (reviewed a few weeks ago). Both albums showcase electronic soundscapes with a woman’s voice at the centre, and while Kellarissa’s leans more toward up-tempo synth pop, both feature lyrics that touch on matters personal and environmental.

      In Hall’s case, the latter topic is explored most explicitly in “Paper Ash”, which indicts humanity for its shortsighted greed. As the nearly seven-minute track progresses, its humming synths and minimalist beat are slowly buried beneath dissonant tones (including harps and other strings), which neatly underscores the song’s message. It’s not all droning doom… Well, actually, it is all droning doom, pretty much. But sometimes that’s exactly what you need.