Cardi B's sad Coachella revelation suggests that she might be every bit as clueless as the King

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      It’s a tradition that dates back to when Col. Tom Parker quit wrangling dancing chickens in the circus to “manage” the affairs of Elvis Presley, and the song sadly remains the same today: hardworking artists getting the shaft.

      As this year’s edition of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival approaches, Cardi B is the latest to find out that they don’t call the music business a business for nothing.

      The Bronx rapper born Belcalis Almanzar has revealed that she’s taking a figurative bath for her two upcoming sets at America’s premiere music festival. The MC—who’ll soon have a new mouth to feed after revealing she’s pregnant last weekend on Saturday Night Live—is only making $70,000 per day at Coachella, which runs April 13-15 and April 20-22 in California.

      Or, more accurately, and considering that average set at the festival is 50 minutes, she’s been royally jobbed by promoters who (doing a quick bit of adjusting to round things up) are only paying her the chump-change equivalent of $84,000 an hour.

      In an interview with Sirius.XM, the hottest artist on the planet suggests that she got completely and righteously hosed by Coachella because she signed a contract without realizing what a big deal the festival was.

      Adding further insult to the injury, the batteries on her Amazing Kreskin hat had crapped out six months ago when she signed on for Coachella, the result being she had zero clue how big she'd be today.

      So Cardi B will only be ahead of the game $140,000 after Coachella wraps.

      As everyone knows in Vancouver, $140,000 won’t buy you a down payment on the damage deposit for a garden-level East Van rental suite, suggesting, one might argue, that those who continues to live in this city is every bit as clueless as Cardi B.

      Elvis—who paid Col. Parker millions upon millions to manage his career—would have been able to relate.