The untimely death of Avicii at 28 brings out the best in his former Twitter foe deadmau5

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      Sometimes it takes a tragedy to bring out the best in a person.

      Based on their past Twitter feuds, Canadian superstar producer deadmau5 and Swedish DJ Avicii were no one's idea of best drinking buddies.

      In a war that reached its Zenith in 2015, Avicii suggested that deadmau5 was a "pretentious fuck" and the "biggest dick in electronic music". The beef seemed to start with the Swedish DJ offering to give the Canadian beatmaker—famous for his giant rodent masks—free piano lessons. 

      deadmau5 at first politely politely declined. 

      And then he unleashed a barrage of tweets that suggested that, on the hockey rink, he might not be an initiator, but he's certainly a retailator. 

      To add insult to insults that were already pretty funny, deadmau5 made sure to mispell Avicii's name each time he composed a new tweet.

      The whole feud eventually spiralled into dick insults, with deadmau5 suggesting that the only way that Avicii would know if deadmau5's dick was bigger than the next guy's would be if there was more than one dick inside the Swede. The schoolyard langauge of Grade 7 never gets tired.

      With Avicii being found today at the age of 28 in Oman, deadmau5 has revealed a different side of himself. 

      He's taken to Twitter to, quite rightly, mourn the loss of a major talent who happened to be one of his contempories, noting that he's proud of what Avicii accomplished and is profoundly sorry for his family.

      Notably, he spells his name corrently in his tweets.