Knock Donald Trump all you want, but don't deny he's the most magical American idiot in history

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      If one stops and thinks about things objectively for a minute, Donald J. Trump is actually something of a magician on multiple fronts.

      A year and a half into his reign of error as the President of the United States of America, he continues to spin hundreds of lies per week without anyone ever seriously caring.

      Despite his astonishing cluelessness on whatever subject he finds himself fumbling through, he continues to convince his red-hat clad supporters that he’s the greatest thing since no less than George Washington.

      And he continues to avoid jail despite all evidence pointing to the fact that the only reason he’s sitting in the oval office is Vladimir Putin.

      But this week, Trump is responsible for one of the greatest acts of magic since he took office: he’s personally responsible for Green Day’s “American Idiot” rocketing up the charts in England.

      What makes this so admirable, of course, is that the song was written in 2004. And—while Trump is definitely the most notorious American idiot in history—it was originally a tribute to the famously dim George W. Bush when he was commanding the U.S.A.

      In the wake of a social media campaign protesting Trump’s upcoming visit to England, the song is number one on Amazon’s best-seller’s list in Britain, has reappeared in the Top 20 on the country’s singles chart, and has also been floating around the top 20 on iTunes.

      On a more homegrown note, a mammoth Trump baby blimp (complete with diaper) will float over the city during the Donald’s London visit. The blimp has been okayed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

      Say what you will about the Mango Mussolini, but the moron definitely gets people paying attention to him.