What's In Your Fridge: Fionn

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      What’s In Your Fridge is where the Straight asks interesting Vancouverites about their life-changing concerts, favourite albums, and, most importantly, what’s sitting beside the Heinz Ketchup in their custom-made Big Chill Retropolitan 20.6 cubic-foot refrigerators.

      On the grill


      Who are you

      We are Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris, word enthusiasts, harmony hounds and twin singer songwriters from “White Rock” who go by the name “Fionn.”

      First concert

      Both of our parents are musicians, so we have distant early memories of dancing at the front of the stage at the Blarney Stone in Vancouver while our dad played with his Irish band, and also listening to our mother`s piano students play on recital days. Our first big concert however was Elton John in 2005 (we were seven). Our parents dressed us up to the nines, with black buckled shoes that made a high heels' click when we walked. I [Brianne] can remember walking to our seats at Roger's Arena feeling so grown up and sophisticated. We were both enamoured (and still are) by his sparkly getup and angelic voice. We have been fangirls ever since.

      Life-changing concert

      We would both describe ourselves as huge Lorde nuts, so for our 20th birthday this year, we gifted each other tickets to finally see her in concert. The concert fell on March 8th, the day before our birthday. We had spent our 19th year completely over-listening and relating to every song on Melodrama, so it was such an emotional way to end a chapter in our lives. We sat in the nosebleeds and sang our hearts out to every song. By the time she started singing “Green Light” I [Brianne] started crying, and I couldn’t even blame my little plastic cup of red wine. There was just so much emotion and truth behind her performance. It truly was a great twin bonding experience.

      Top three records

      Disclaimer: This changes on the daily, these are our current favourite

      Hozier Hozier  Ever since Hozier got his big break with “Take me to Church”, we have been in awe of his perfect song writing abilities, his soulful voice, and his long wavy locks. His debut self – titled album “Hozier” still inspires us on the daily when we sit down to write. The songs are so in depth lyrically that we always make new discoveries while listening. We think that this album is a future classic, and we hold it near and dear to our little half- Irish hearts.

      Lorde Melodrama  Since Lorde is around our age, we have always been able to relate to her music. We used to listen to her angsty teen tracks from Pure Heroine while feeling restless in the suburbs, but now we relate more to her latest record Melodrama. We love how each song Lorde releases manages to keep lyrical integrity, while also having strong pop melodies and choruses that make you want to sing.  

      Frank Ocean Blond  This is a somewhat recent discovery for us, but we are currently blown away by Blond. The entire album keeps us in state of emotional pain (in a good way). By the time I (Brianne) get to “Solo” I always cry. The melody in the chorus is just so beautiful and breathtaking. “Bad Religion” is another one that always gets to us, though it isn’t on “Blond”. Frank Ocean is just amazing.   

      All-time favourite video

      Florence and the Machine "Chapter 1: "What Kind of Man" from "The Odysssey"  This is another tough one to decide on. We are forever evolving and changing our minds, however, we always seem to come back to “What Kind of Man”, Chapter 1 of “The Odyssey” by Florence and the Machine. The visuals don’t make sense in a way that makes perfect sense. It’s all about her desperation and the chaos in her heart. We can feel her emotion pouring out of the screen into our souls, chills never failing to run down our spines. We are absolutely in love with music videos, and this one, in our minds, is pure magic.

      What's in your fridge

      Adams peanut butter. If we do not have Adams peanut butter in our fridge, we feel immediately lost! Anything else we can manage without.

      Healthy things. Eggs, spinach, and feta cheese are also essential. We usually have almond milk (occasionally chocolate almond milk), a spring salad mix, mangoes, and tofu.

      Chocolate. We sometimes like to stock the sides of our fridge with Cadbury chocolate. Usually I [Alanna] will try to hide my chocolate behind the regular milk since Brianne can’t have dairy, and likely will never look there. The chocolate war is constant. Hiding places never last long, and the “who ate my mini eggs” spiel is pretty much the only thing we fight about.

      Fionn is currently working on its debut album.