No less than Missy Elliott trumpets the brilliance of white soul sister Mary Halsey getting her freak on to "Work It"

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      Mere words often fail when attempting to convey the brilliance of Missy Elliott.

      Who among us hasn’t embarassed ourselves at a stoplight, screaming along to “Get UR Freak On” with the car stereo cranked to 11?

      Or walked away from James Corden’s First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke thinking the best part of the unrelentingly awesome 14:41 minutes was when a deleriously happy Melissa Arnette Elliott suddently popped up in the back seat, an orange New York Yankees ball cap perched on her head.

      Today brings another reason to love Elliott. Mostly because she took to Twitter yesterday to give a loving shout out to a fellow soul sister.

      To look at Mary Halsey, below, would be to think that she’d opt for a Peter, Paul and Mary or Engelbert Humperdinck on karaoke nights at the local bingo hall.

      Instead, the woman—apparantly a Rhode Island rehab counsellor—is cooler than you, your mom, or grandmother will ever be.

      Halsey hopped on the mike at a picnic and then ripped the shit out of Elliott’s inarguably brilliant “Work It”, going as far as to recreate the backward-looped “Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup” we’ve spent years attempting to decipher.

      Recognizing the brilliance of her performance, no less that Elliott chimed in with an enthusiastic endorsement, taking to Twitter to gush “I just found out I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER”.

      Elliott must have taken the time to watch the clip a second time, because after spotting a woman getting down in the background, she followed up with a tweet stating “Wait her friend has a cup of oodles & noodles tipping in the back I think! Lord!”

      The only disappointing thing about the Twitter clip is Halsey never gets to “Call before you come, I need to shave my chocha”.

      (If you want to see Halsey pull off the whole song, including not only "I need to shave my chocha", but also "Go downtown and eat it like a vultcha", go here where it's on her Facebook page.)

      Click below for the abbreviated version, and marvel at the magic.