Did the spirit of Gord Downie show up at Burning Man?

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      Yesterday I was checking out the posts on the Facebook group, The Tragically Hip Fan Forum, and I came across something that really blew me away.

      It was a posting by group member Jill Lutes that included a photo taken at Burning Man the night before by her friend Paula Kim Derring. 

      "So a friend of mine is at Burning Man," wrote Lutes, "... she posted this today...I can’t even believe this image from the man burn last night, just look at all the spirits in the flames! Do you see him? Clear as day? I zoomed in on the picture and instant goosebumps...and as someone just pointed out it's reminiscent of WATS cover. Whole lotta Gordie right there!"

      Indeed, when you do look at Derring's photo, it isn't hard to spot a ghostly image of Gord Downie, in full final-tour regalia, cruising across the centre of the "stage" amid the smoke and flames. I saw him right away.

      The freaky thing is, as Derring points out in a comment on the post, before the burn she stapled a photo of Downie to the temple.

      Paula Kim Derring

      "Hey everyone," wrote Derring, "the Man burns on Saturday night of Burning Man, and tonight the Temple will burn. (A sacred space for tributes and memorials.) This was my offering of Gord there of a picture I took at the first Edmonton show on the final tour."

      That's pretty freakin' cool, if you ask me. Bring on the memes!