In today's installment of God Help America, Kanye West declares "I love this guy!" at Trump White House lunch

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      Ever get the feeling that the ongoing insanity in America is never going to stop?

      Let's start with a butt-chugging, rage-prone sexual-assault suspect getting a golden ticket to the Supreme Court.

      Migrant children, some too young to talk, sitting in chain-link holding pens waiting to be reunited with their parents, the forced separations due to a U.S. zero-tolerance illegal immigration crackdown.

      Melania Trump wearing a colonial pith hat while strutting through Africa, which was only moderately less distasteful than dressing up in the official robes of the Ku Klux Klan.

      In the unlikely event that you are still, somehow, a glass-half-full person when it’s obvious the thing is totally empty, here’s something to torpedo what’s left of your faith in humanity.

      Kanye West popped by the White House today for lunch with President Donald J. Trump. As if it wasn’t offensive enough that he was wearing his Make America Great Again red baseball cap, he at one point hugged Trump, and then gushed, “I love this guy!”.

      That declaration of his bro-mance giving him something in common with Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Jr., and every trailer-park dwelling, intolerant redneck cracker south of the Mason-Dixon line

      And the craziness didn’t stop there. West told the small army of assembled reporters that, in no particular order:

      • His MAGA hat makes him feel like Superman (who, it should be noted, is almost as white as Casper the Friendly Ghost).
      • Trump, who's spent the past week decrying sexual-assault victims and mocking the #MeToo movement, is on a “hero’s journey”.
      • And the roots of Shiraq can be traced to... Aw fuck it. Enough of this shit. Let’s get to the goddamn midterms so that the majority of Americans who actually have some brains, morality, and common decency can start the long, seemingly impossible task of getting America back on the road to respectability.

      And speaking of respectability, West finally lost what’s left of his with today’s statement that Trump “might not have thought he’d have a crazy mother-fucker like me [supporting him].” No shit, Sherlock. It’s every bit as disillusioning as learning that Johnny Ramone was a die-hard, Reagan-loving, proudly right-wing Republican.

      Here's the most surreal thing you'll see today, followed by some of the reactions on social media.

      Unfortunately, this isn’t a nightmare, and it’s not going to be all better the next time you wake up. God help America.