Offering proof you can't always believe what you read, Michael Bublé retirement news proves nothing but clickbait

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      Proving once again you can’t always believe what you read, it looks like Michael Bublé won’t be retiring any time soon, this despite just giving an interview where he talks about having soured on the music business.

      In an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Mail, Bublé talks about his young son’s Noah’s recent battle with liver cancer, and how the experience helped him put everything in perspective.

      The piece starts out with the intro “Michael Bublé has officially retired from music following his son Noah’s cancer battle”.

      That intro seems more and more like clickbait one you start reading the actual profile, the singer's quotes including “‘I don’t have the stomach for it any more. The celebrity narcissism” and “I never fell out of love with music, I just needed to put it aside.”

      Later in the profile Bublé talks about inviting his bandmates over to his house to jam: “It was then that I realized I’d missed making music. I didn’t even know I’d missed it. This was about a year ago.”

      If that sounds like a man who is no hurry to walk away from a career that’s made him one of the most successful solo artists of his generation, it’s not by accident.

      Even as his fans have been posting and reposting Bublé’s retirement on Twitter and Facebook, his management says the singer—who is about to release a new album called Love—isn’t going anywere anytime soon.

      Michelle R. Larson—one of the managers at Vancouver’s Bruce Allen Talent, which represents Bublé , wrote the following on the singer’s Facebook fan page: “‘The rumours and reports that Michael is quitting is completely false. We ask everyone to not share any of these tabloid stories and delete any posts already shared to the Buble Insider and personal pages. Thank you members!’ —MB Management.”

      Here a new video for from "Love You Anymore" from Love