Sharing tourism tips and Empire State Building trivia, Eminem shows maybe he hasn't lost his sense of humour

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      It’s been suggested more than once that Eminem has lost his sense of humour over the years, that being something that can be attributed to his career arc.

      While the multi-platinum-designation for The Slim Shady LP was laudable, the singer arguably hit his stride as a hip-hop titan with songs like “Stan” and “White America”, both of which trafficked in raw, visceral anger.

      Once you’ve gotten political points for talking about racism and mental health issues, it’s hard to go back to making jokes about Pamela Lee’s tits, Kurt Cobain’s head, and Christopher Reeve’s non-operational legs.

      Then there’s the fact that Slim Shady’s work has gotten decidedly more abrasive over the years. What made “Without Me” so much fun was that even the most rhythmically challenged of folks could move to it.

      Try to resist breaking out the gold-glittered platform shoes and dancing your ass off to “Rap God”.

      But last night, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we got a sign that Marshall Mathers might not be as tortured in adulthood as we’ve been led to believe over the past decade or so.

      The spot had the rapper taking over New York City’s Empire State Building for a revved-up rendition of “Venom” off his recently released Kamikaze.

      Memorable as his performance was, it was when he found himself interrupted by technical difficulties that things went from great to viral.

      Watch below as Slim Shady ends up in an elevator sharing obscure architectual trivia, tourism tips, and an awkward hug with Kimmel’s beyond-brilliant sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez.

      It’s entirely possible that Rodriguez is an even bigger fan of the rapper than Stan, but that doesn’t make things any less funny when he ends his encounter with “Thank you Mister M&Ms.”