Justin Bieber allegedly doesn't know how to eat a burrito and the Internet isn't having it

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      Do Canadian celebs not know how to eat everyday food items properly? 

      You may recall that, in the spring of 2016, a photo of Michael Bublé strolling around Disneyland with a cob of corn went viral. If you don't recall that, and you're wondering why the world would care about a photo of Michael Bublé strolling around Disneyland with a cob of corn, let's just say he was eating it in a rather unorthodox (and bizarrely suggestive) way. Proving he has a sense of humour, the Burnaby-born crooner jokingly defended his corn-sucking preference via Twitter:  

      The latest Canadian entertainer to come under online scrutiny for his eating abilities is Justin Bieber. A photo that popped up on Reddit today, purportedly showing Bieber going to town on a burrito that has been turned sideways, has been making the rounds.

      The person in the photo has not been verified to be Bieber, but most of the people posting, reposting, and reacting to the image seem to think it's him. Whatever the case, the pic has led to some instant-classic headlines, including the following:

      • Justin Bieber eats his burritos sideways and it’s horrifying (SB Nation)
      • The Way Justin Bieber Eats Burritos Will Ruin Your Life (Exclaim)
      • Experience: I Ate a Burrito Sideways Like Justin Bieber and It Sucked (Vice)
      • Justin Bieber Goes Against Laws of God and Man (Papermag)
      • Justin Bieber Is 'Not A Secret Lizard Person,' Says Manager Scooter Braun (Huffington Post)

      Actually, that last one was referring to something else entirely, but it fits.

      Next up, we'll no doubt be tackling the crucial question of whether or not Drake knows what to do with an ice-cream cone.