Rapper Baba Brinkman releases "Confessions of a Skeptic" on eve of the U.S. midterm elections

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      For several years, Vancouver-raised and New York–based Baba Brinkman has been the go-to rapper for science geeks.

      The Rap Guide to Evolution offered a whole new take on the impact of Charles Darwin.

      He followed that up with "Make It Hot", which was a carbon-pricing rap to warm the heart of anyone working for Greenpeace. 

      Today, he released another video, just in time for the U.S. midterm elections.

      "Confessions of a Skeptic" proudly trumpets Brinkman's belief in the scientific method.

      It takes aim at telepathy, chi energy, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alex Jones, and Fox News host Sean Hannity, among other things. 

      Watch the video for "Confessions of a Skeptic".

      According to Brinkman, the song is about the long-term battle "between superstition and tribalism on one side, and reason and evidence-based thinking on the other". 

      This tribalism is on display in the American right's enthusiasm for Donald Trump.

      "Americans have a chance to forcefully repudiate the most corrupt, dishonest and dangerous science-denier ever to hold their highest office, and the world is collectively holding its breath hoping for a blue tsunami course-correction," Brinkman states in a message accompanying the release. "Is there any reason to hope for a single Republican to win a single seat, given their wholesale subservience to Trumpism? I can't think of one." 

      Brinkman wrote the lyrics and Tom Caruana provided the musical score for the video, which drives home that human beings are "so deceivable".

      The rapper is not only targeting Trump's "pseudoscientific rejection of climate change science".

      He also wants to raise awareness about sacred cows on the left, and in particular the types of alternative health treatments that he embraced as a younger man living in Vancouver.

      Now, he proudly states in his song that he wants to see some peer review before becoming a believer.

      "I confess it, I'm a skeptic," Brinkman sings in the main chorus in the video. "I believe in the scientific method. I believe in reason and evidence, and things bein' tested."