Album of the Week: Davers

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      Davers (Oscar St.)

      Known up until now as one of the two singer-songwriters in Victoria’s chilled-out Current Swell, Dave Lang steps away from the veteran unit with his first solo release, Davers. If his day job makes you want to fire up a joint and hang on the beach in front of Ben Harper’s place, this five-song outing is for when the November rains roll in and the best thing in the world is a cabin with a roaring fire.

      Lang isn’t totally dialled down on Davers, with “Heart of Glass” buoyed by sun-faded Laurel Canyon guitars and warm splashes of piano, and “I Watched You Grow Up” an unabashedly joyful love letter to fatherhood. Still, it’s the quiet moments that really stand out, from the comedown-country opener “Brother Brother” to the baroque-folk closer “Put Your Pain on Me”.

      Davers starts out the plaintive “Tooth and Nail” by singing “When I was young I learned that I could do anything.” Based on the evidence presented here, that includes reinventing himself as an artist who understands that sometimes you want to pour a healthy two fingers of Ardbeg Ten Years Old and turn the lights down low.