Album of the Week: Nicholas Krgovich

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      Nicholas Krgovich
      “OUCH” (Tin Angel)

      It’s entirely possible that Nicholas Krgovich is a robot. Or maybe he’s just a very late bloomer. Whatever the case, the veteran indie musician (No Kids, P:ano) claims to have made it all the way to the middle of his 30s without ever experiencing the normal human emotions most of us start to wrestle with in early adolescence, or even earlier.

      “Up until last year I’d never fallen in love or experienced a broken heart,” Krgovich writes. “Not even close really. I can’t believe heartbreak is a thing that happens to pretty much everybody! It’s so wild!”

      Debatable. One thing is certain, though: Krgovich has made the first breakup album of his career. When, on “Time”, he sings “I’ve been building my life around you/Even though it’s foolish to/For you threw up a wall/That’s 20 feet tall/And there’s no way to get through,” he sounds genuinely bewildered by the whole experience, as if he’s trying to negotiate unfamiliar and not particularly welcoming new terrain. And then Joseph Shabason’s saxophone solo comes in and the whole thing turns into an Al Stewart song.

      Actually, that’s not a bad reference point. If your response to having your heart ripped out of your chest is to reach for Year of the Cat rather than, say, Sea Change, “OUCH” might be just the balm you need. It’s wistfully sad without being overly maudlin, and Krgovich can craft a great melody better than any other robot out there.