The Georgia Straight musical advent calendar for Christmas 2018—Day One: Hall and Oates

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      It's that time of year again! I'm not even going to be cynical about it—even though that is well within my powers—because, to quote Homer Simpson:

      Every day between now and Christmas, I'll be posting seasonally appropriate music videos. Sort of like an advent calendar! Unlike a real advent calendar, where you don't know exactly what you'll be getting until you open it each day, I'll be telling you right in the headline. Because SEO and deep-dive metrics and all that crap we in the rapidly dying print-media industry are now forced to consider. 

      But I'm not going to be cynical! Even though I could be! Because it's Christmastime! And I am determined to simply have a wonderful one, and to help you, dear reader, do the same.

      With that in mind, here's today's selection. This is possibly the greatest Christmas music video ever made. Or I guess you could say it's the two greatest Christmas music videos ever made. 

      In 1983, Hall and Oates released their "Jingle Bell Rock" single, which featured lead vocals by Daryl Hall on one side and by John Oates on the flip side. And then they went ahead and made two seperate videos. Well, two versions of the same video, at any rate. The fact that the videos haven't aged particularly well is part of the charm of the whole thing. They were intentionally old-fashioned and corny at the time, and they are even more so 35 years later.